Vine Street Market began in 1979 as a unique combination of bistro and gourmet grocery. International foods, imported cheeses, chocolates, candies, teas from around the world, and barrels of fresh roasted coffee beans filled our grocery. While our day time deli served sandwiches with clever names like Tubin with Reuben, Bag Man, Chive Turkey, & Cheese Please, our restaurant became a dimly lit, bistro at night, serving some of Chattanooga’s finest entrees.  White tablecloths, fine wines, flickering candles, and sultry jazz music set the tone for a memorable evening.

As Chattanooga reinvented itself, Vine Street Market moved forward, too.  Come visit us at our current location  on Hanover Street in the heart of  Riverview. Wander into a  cheerful cottage with sunlight streaming through  window panes; smell the fresh baked breads, warm muffins, delicious desserts, and homemade soups that fill the air; feel the excitement of being in a very special place. Linger at the dessert counter while trying to pick  from a dazzling array of freshly made treats. Still serving the cleverly named deli sandwiches—only now with Boar’s Head meats & cheeses on our homemade breads—we’ve taken the best and become an even better Vine Street! Have lunch indoors or outdoors under a canopy of trees; enjoy an entree and salad; cure your thirst with a glass of famous iced mint tea; sample a giant sugar cookie or panda brownie, and then take a family sized casserole home with you!  All our food is homemade with the finest ingredients.

Norman & Sharon Skinner are the owners and operators of Vine Street Market for almost 26 years. Longtime employees, Donna Johnson, Dee Johnson, Bill Johnson, and our son, Thomas Skinner, work hard to make sure our food is memorable.  Come visit us in Riverview and discover what all the locals know. We will welcome you as a new friend and valued customer!